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Welcome to Black History Month 2020

Black people have played a big part in the building of Britain – either through hard labour or from the resources of Black countries – but many Black people have not really benefited from their contributions to this society. Black History Month is a time to remember those contributions, past and present, and an attempt to change the narrative.

Recent global Black Lives Matter protests have highlighted the reality of injustices and systemic racism that Black people have faced over the years and continue to face. As we transition into a new era of openness, dialogue and collective soul searching, Black History Month is a time to think of the past and look forward whilst we celebrate here and now. Black History Month is also a time to reclaim our history and reimagine our shared history that will be told in the future.

The murder of George Floyd in America only served as a catalyst for the changes that are needed. Because of that horrific incident in March this year, the conversation on injustice and inequality that Black people face has changed, and we are able to discuss diversity and inclusion matters more openly in the workplace and communities. More profoundly, 2020 has highlighted that we all need to do more than we have done to raise awareness about diversity, inclusion and tolerance and begin to have those difficult conversations around community cohesion and engagement.

Not enough is known about Black history. Black people have a backstory – we are part of British story through slavery and colonialism. Black History Month is a time to share amazing stories of the past and present. By talking about it more during Black History Month, we can have a positive impact on equality and diversity that will transcend every month of the year.

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