UK Youth are building a movement to stand with young people and campaign for them to have equal access to high quality services in their community.
We need to act now. Inequality is increasing between the young and old, and among young people.
Young people with complex needs and those from disadvantaged backgrounds are hardest hit by these trends.
This has led to a rising need for youth services at a time when these services are under an incredible amount of pressure. Higher workloads, reduced resources and limited support structures are resulting in dedicated youth workers and volunteers becoming stressed and isolated, leaving them less able to support young people.
Youth workers identify, manage and prevent some of the most pertinent issues of our time, including poor mental health, exploitation and violence against young people. Youth organisations offer a safe space where young people connect with inspiring role models, develop positive relationships, learn vital skills and are empowered to become valued members of our community.
Investment in youth services is vital. Join the campaign to give all young people access to high quality services in their community.
For more information visit the UK Youth website & support this movement on social media using the #StandWithYouth.

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